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Old Headlines.......... - 6th June 2015


Lots to catch up on. We've had the BYCs, in which James and Benedict made the L64 and Ed the L32. Gabriel made the

L64 in the U10 BYCs and Ed reffed (including the girls' final and a boys' semi-final). Ed gained his Level 1 and 2 refereeing

qualifications. Then last week he won silver in the Luton Open - with 56 fencers. Check out this great report in the Newark

Advertiser :


Finally it's good to see so many of our junior fencers attending the monthly East Midlands Cadet Squad - either the full

session or the 2 hour Mini session for younger fencers.


Headlines - East Midlands Development Training - 13th April


Great to see several of our fencers at the mini session and at the full session at NTU on Saturday - open to fencers from

7 upwards. Do ask for details.


Headlines - Newark Advertiser report - 26th March


The Advertiser's sports reporter, Rick Lane came to visit us this week and we had a back page article on the BYC qualifiers

and Ed's fencing at the Challenge Wratislava. Here's a link to the report online :


We hope Rick will come and have a go at fencing with us later this year.


Headlines - Challenge Wratislava - 21st March


Ed's second foray into an international competition was at the Challenge Wratislava in Wroclaw, Poland, in the U15 mens

foil. He had a challenging poule, beating two Poles, a Swede and a German, while losing 2-5 to a Russian and 4-5 to a

German. He beat a Polish fencer 15-10 in L128 and went out 12-15 in L64 to the U15 German national champion.

Ed finished 54/174.


Headlines - BYC Qualifiers 14th March


We had a bumper entry into the East Midlands BYC qualifiers this year. In the U16 Boys foil, Ed won the gold medal without

losing any of his matches and winning his semi-final match 15-0 in well under a fencing minute.. In the U14 Boys foil,

James narrowly lost the final 8-10 and Luke got a bronze medal. In their first ever competition, Benedict and Oska fenced

excellently. Benedict came away with a bronze medal and Oska was unlucky to lose 9-10 in his last 8 match to be4 placed

5th overall.In the U16 Boys Mens sabre, Ralph almost took bronze, losing his last 8 match 14-15.

"Fencing is a game of subtlety,

and bluff can be met with counter-bluff"

Charles L. de Beaumont

Welcome to the website of Fernwood Sword Club

We have a great set of enthusiastic younger fencers, plus a number of keen older fencers. We have both recreational and competing members, so everyone will fit in. Young or older, come along any Tuesday evening for a chat and see what it's like or get in touch if you'd like to learn.

Don't forget that we're fencing at the Newark Sports and Fitness Centre on Bowbridge Road, Newark NG24 4DH from Tuesday, 1st November.


TUESDAY EVENINGS - 7-8 juniors, 8-10 older juniors and seniors

For all enquiries please contact

Interested in taking up the sport? Fancy yourself in The Three Musketeers/Star Wars/The Duellists/Pirates of the Caribbean/Die Another Day?  After a lesson or two, you'll see that waving your sword around means that you just get hit..........learn the basics in a few lessons and risk getting hooked for life.......  

We regularly run new courses for seniors and juniors. We are looking to start a new beginners course shortly on Tuesday evenings so please get in touch if you're interested. Families are very welcome.

Don't miss out - email Andrew at and you can come along, see what it's all about and have an introductory lesson. 

We provide all the kit for beginners' courses so it's easy to give it a go.  Fencers just need to wear a t-shirt or cool baselayer, tracksuit bottoms/jogging trousers and trainers (squash or badminton ones if you have them, but it's not essential) - and bring water and/or a sports drink.

Fernwood Sword Club was started in October 2008 with a view to providing facilities for fencers, new and old, in the Newark and Grantham areas. We are volunteer led and coached and run by our members. The club is a non profit making organisation and all income goes into the club.

The salle is at the Newark Sports and Fitness Centre, Bowbridge Road, Newark, having till recently been at Highfields School Balderton, after moving from its original venue at Fernwood Village Hall. The club's aim is to promote fencing through Newark and Grantham and their surrounding areas.

The sport is great for improving hand / eye and foot co-ordination and the beginners course covers some of the basics of the sport. Reaction times and your mental and physical stamina will improve; it helps tone muscles and it doesn't matter how fit you are - you can participate to your own level and low cunning often beats speed........Fencing attracts all sorts - and it's a genuinely friendly and sociable sport. 

Matches can be up to 5, 10 or 15 points - and a 15 point fight is supposed to be the equivalent of a 1.5 mile run (unless it's sabre, when it's more like 15 short sprints....). 

Our beginners' courses currently focus on foil, but we also fence epee and sabre. The techniques and style used with the three blades are quite different, so if you don't suit one you might be a genius with another.

The Club is affiliated to British Fencing.

Keep up with us on Facebook :

Follow us on twitter : @fernwoodsword

Fernwood Sword Club is the recipient of a Community Sports Fund grant from Newark and Sherwood District Council and  a Nottinghamshire Legacy Fund grant from Nottinghamshire County Council.

Fernwood Sword Club is the recipient of a grant award from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts.

Headlines - U17 GB Cadet Championships 14th February

Following the excitement of Paris (and getting back home from a school history trip to France and Belgium at 11pm on Friday), Ed was competing again early on Saturday morning - this time at the University of East London in Docklands. Following 5/6 wins in the poule, he won his L64 match 15-5 and beat Salle Paul's Brij Gautam 15-10 in the L64, finally bowing out in the last 16 to Oscar Lhoste, whom Ed had beaten 5-3 in the poule. Final position was 13/74 - an excellent result. This was the last cadet competition of the season and Ed has another two years at this level.      

Headlines - Paris Marathon Fleuret 6th/7th February

Ed had a really good experience as part of the U15 England squad in Paris. Having won 5/6 in his first poule and 3/4 in his second poule, after a 10-6 DE win he got through to day 2 as one of only 105 qualifiers out of 439 starters. Having won 2/4 in his day poule and narrowly losing his DE, Ed finished 75th. Top effort for a first competition abroad. Here's the Newark Advertiser's back page report, complete with photos  :

Headlines - BYC Qualifiers - 14th March

26.1.15. The East Midlands region qualifiers for the British Youth Championships are being held in Mansfield on Saturday, 14th March. Age groups range from those born in 1997 to 2004. This year, you can enter for the fun of it if you don't want to or aren't available to compete in the BYCs in Sheffield. So do think about entering :

Please do have a word if you'd like more information.

Headlines - junior fencing competition in Nottingham - 7th March

26.1.15. On the Saturday (7th March) before the BYC qualifiers the organisers of the GB Youth Series will be running a competition in Nottingham (the only time it gets any further north than Hertfordshire!). Age categories range from (eldest) those born in 2001 to (youngest) those born in September 2005. Here's the link :

 Again, have a look and do ask if you've any questions.

Headlines - Cadet Winton, LPJS and England U15 selection - and Christmas Newsletter!

17.12.14. Well done to Ralph and Ed for fencing in the East Midlands Cadet Winton team last weekend - and to Ed for his role as mens foil team captain. Also, congratulations to Ed for coming 1st in the Leon Paul Junior Series U15 mens foil for 2014 and being selected for the England U15 team to fence in Paris on 7th February. And do click on the "FSC News" tab to read our Christmas Newsletter and update. 

Headlines - Camden LPJS

14.10.14. Well done to Ed for silver in a field of 27 excellent fencers in the U15 LPJS at Camden. 2 rounds of poules proved slightly tough going, as Ed finished them seeded 8th. 2 DEs, each ending 15-8 to Ed, were followed by a fine, if nerve racking, 15-13 victory over Max Deering, with neither fencer being more than 2 points ahead throughout. Ed then went straight into the semi-final (refereed by Richard Kruse) against Matthew Jerome and found himself 3-9 down. However, inspired by Miles Chamley-Watson's spectacular comeback from 11-3 down in his match against Sebastian Bachmann in the 2013 World Championships, Ed slowed the match down, picked his moments to attack and emerged with a 15-11 win. The final against Ben Stezaker on his home turf (refereed by Ben Peggs) proved to be a fairly cagey affair. Ben took the first three points and the first period ended with Ben 6-5 ahead. Only one point was scored in the second period, leaving Ben 7-5 ahead. The third period was livelier and was level at 11-11 when Ben won a couple of quick points, leaving Ed chasing the game with little time remaining. Ed was forced to attack and Ben was able to pick off the last two points, with the score ending at 15-11.        

Headlines - Cardiff LPJS

10.9.14. A good effort by Nottinghamshire's fencers at the Cardiff  LPJS last Saturday. Luke battled really well in the U13 foil mostly against fencers a year older than him. Ed won the U15 mixed poules without conceding a match and then ended with gold in the boys U15, beating Luke's brother, James, in the final.   

Headlines - Newham LPJS and Much Wenlock Olympic Games

15.7.14. Well done to Ed for a couple of great results. Silver in the U15 LPJS at Newham, in a very tough field of 24 very good fencers, followed by bronze in the Much Wenlock Olympian Games - his first medal in the main event of an adult competition - and can be added to the bronze medal he won last year in the U13 team foil event at Much Wenlock. 

Headlines - English Youth Championships

1.7.14. Ed finishes 14th out of 71 fencers in the U15 boys foil at the EYCs in Hatfield.  He won 4/5 of his poule matches, losing one 1-3, leaving him top of the poule, with an overall ranking of 17th. After a bye in the L128, he beat Anton Fenyk 15-6, then beat Bomba Brown 15-10 in the L32. He then came up against the No 2 seed, Aiden Woolley in the L16. Ed was only 5-3 down at the first break, but experience told and Ed was finally knocked out 15-6 towards the end of the 3rd period. Top effort by Ed, given that he's in the younger year - and got the 5th highest placing of fencers in his year.

Meanwhile, in the U15 boys sabre on Sunday, Ralph took 35th place.   

Headlines - LPJS Robin Hood Foil

18.5.14. Ed wins gold in the U15 boys foil at the LPJS Robin Hood Foil in Mansfield this weekend. He had to work extremely hard to overcome Luke's brother, James, in a narrowly won semi final and then beat Sebastian Monnet of Salle Boston (which is in London, not Boston) 15-9 in the final. Luke fenced well to finish 11th in the U13 boys foil, while James W had to pull out after the first round of poules following the recurrence of a cricket injury - bad luck. Link to Newark Advertiser story :

Headlines - BYCs

9.5.14. Ed finishes 11th and James finishes 69th. Top effort by both of them and other East Midlands fencers. Full report here :

Headlines - Upcoming competitions

Don't forget the Robin Hood LPJS Foil on 17th May in Mansfield :

Also coming up is the East Midlands Senior Championships in all 3 weapons on 18th May (Also in Mansfield. Details at :

And the English Youth Championships in Hatfield, 28th/29th June :


14.4.14. Well done to Ed for a bronze medal in the U15 LPJS Durham Foil on Saturday. After taking time to get into gear in the poule matches, he won his L16 match 15-8 and knocked out the No 1 seed by the same score in L8, finally losing 10-8 in the semi final.  


10.4.14. Ed does very well to achieve a mid table result in the (senior) Glasgow Open (36/70) and wins a bronze medal in the Europa League (otherwise known as the secondary foil), missing out on a final appearance in a tense 9-10 defeat in the L4.

Also, good effort from Ralph in the Leon Paul British Sabre open and the U15 LPJS Stratford Sabre


20.3.14. Don't miss the report in this week's Newark Advertiser (and the photo of Ed and James) on the BYC Qualifiers. Online at :


14.3.14. Upcoming competitions - LPJS Durham Foil, Epee and Sabre on 12/13th April :

And don't forget Nottinghamshire's very own LPJS Robin Hood Foil on 17th May in Mansfield, hosted by Radcliffe and A&C  :


14.3.14. Many thanks to Radcliffe for hosting us last Tuesday evening. The FSC junior and senior teams won the friendly team competitions, too! 


11.3.14. Gold for Ed and Bronze for James in the U14 boys foil and 6th for Ralph in the U16 boys sabre at the BYC Qualifiers. Good effort by all three. Ed and James qualify for the BYCs in May. Full results are here :


For those who haven't entered yet, don't forget the BYC Qualifiers entry deadline is Tuesday, 4th March.

Also, there'll be no fencing at Fernwood on 11th March. Juniors and Seniors are off to fence at Radcliffe Sword Club's place in Clifton. 


21.2.14. A belated "well done" to Ralph for his Bronze medal in the East Midlands Intermediate Sabre competition. 


18.2.14. Another very good result for Ed - Bronze at the LPJS U15 St Benedict's Foil in London. Really strong competition, with a field of 24. Hard fought DEs, including a nail biting 15-13 win at L8.


9.2.14. Very good result for Ed entering his first Cadet competition - the British Cadet Championships in Docklands. Ranked 20/79 after the poules, he was beaten 15-8 in L64 by a GB Cadet Squad fencer, 3 years older. End placing was 35th.    


30.1.14. This week's Newark Advertiser has an article about Ralph and Ed at the Cadet Winton :

Complete with photo.....


24.1.14. The qualifiers for the British Youth Championships are on 8th March at the Samworth Church Academy in Mansfield. Entry is online at


14.1.14.Good start by Ed, going up to the 2014 U15 LPJS. 3/22 in a tough field at the London LPJS, after ranking 1st following both rounds of poules. It was held at the very impressive new Leon Paul fencing centre - all metal pistes and flashing floor lights to indicate hits. Also, cross border congratulations to Harri from Russell Swords, for achieving bronze in the U13 category.  


18.12.13. Well done to Ralph and Ed and the rest of the East Midlands Cadet Winton team. This young development team was competing against fencers up to three years older than them, won 27/60 matches and avoided bringing the shaggy dog home with them. Congratulations in particular to mens epee, who won all their matches and came top. Mens sabre won 7/10 matches and mens foil 4/10 (losing two matches 5-4), with some epic wins against GB Cadet Squad fencers. The East Midlands Fencing Facebook page has some photos from the weekend :  


11.12.13. Best of luck to Ralph and Ed who are part of the East Midlands team competing in the Cadet Winton cup this weekend at Millfield in Somerset - and to the rest of the East Midlands team as well!


3.12.13. Well done Ed - 5/33 in another strong field at the U13 Hertfordshire LPJS on 24th November. Top ranked after the poule and eventually went out 10-9 to his friend Harri from Russell Swords in Cardiff.

Final rankings for the year are out. Ed ended up 18th in the U15 England rankings (10th in his year and below) and 5th in the U13 LPJS rankings. Great result after just two years doing competitions (and a lot of hard work).


19.11.13. Another good result for Ed - 6/42 in a strong field at the U13 Docklands LPJS. Top seed after first round of poules, and second by a whisker after second round - and all with a heavy cold and sore throat.


11.11.13. An excellent day at the East Midlands Youth Championships on Saturday, enjoyed by all. For the foilists, Ed won gold in the U13 (after a tough final) and Luke won silver in the U11. Ralph won silver in the U15 sabre. The U13 epeeists had a very competitive field. James and Tom (in his first competition) fought well to get through to L8. Well done everyone. (see FSC News for the full story) 


4.11.13. More congratulations to Ed for winning the U13 LPJS Wrexham Foil. While the field was a relatively small one of 12, there were a number of strong fencers, including all the best Welsh fencers in this age group. Ed topped the rankings after both the first and second poules. Having got a bye into the L8, he won that match 10-4 against a tall, strong left hander and then stylishly beat one of the top Welsh fencers 10-2 in the semi-finals. The final turned out to be a nerve wracking affair, with Ed taking the first couple of points, then his opponent, Luca Valletti, winning 2. Every time Ed edged ahead, Luca brought back the score to level pegging, until it was 9-9 in the third period. Finally, Ed struck with a lightning fast attack and there was only one light. A cracking final against a strong opponent. 


14.10.13. Congratulations to Ed for his bronze medal at the U13 LPJS Camden Foil. This was a really challenging competition with 44 entries and virtually all of the top fencers in that age group competing. Ed started off with a blast to win his first poule 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, 5-0 and 5-3, to top the rankings. He continued in the second poule by winning 5-1, 5-0, 4-0 and 5-0, ending up top seed going into the DEs. He fenced equally well in the DEs, including beating the EYC winner 10-5 in L8. He was finally beaten in the semi-final 10-5 by the eventual winner. Top fencing - well done Ed.


24.9.13. The East Midlands Youth Championships is being held on 9th November at TSCA in Mansfield. It's a really good experience for our younger fencers - and anything can happen. Ed won  the EMYC U11 foil gold in his first ever competition 2 years ago - so give it a go! 


Good effort from Ed in his first ever epee competition on 14th September. Came 8/28 in the U17 mixed and 9th in the U13 boys at the Manchester LPJS Epee, winning bouts against very good, experienced epeeists on the way.


2.7.13. Congratulations to Ed for winning a bronze medal at the Much Wenlock Olympian games in the U13 mixed team foil. Well done also to James and Laura from A & C, who were his teammates. First ever team competition for any of them and first ever Olympian medals! 


12.6.13. Thanks to Radcliffe Sword Club for hosting a return team relay match on Monday, with mixed teams. Our junior fencers who went enjoyed themselves and stayed to do some additional sparring afterwards.  


24.5.13. Great excitement trying out our two new sets of  electric Favero scoring equipment and (wireless!) epee Hitmate, paid for with Nottinghamshire County Council Olympic Legacy Fund money. Will give club members lots more opportunity to practise "on the box".     


24.5.13. Thanks to Radcliffe Sword Club Juniors for coming along for a relay team competition last Tuesday. Good fun had by all, topped by our hospitality in letting them win with our "ringer" in their team. Return competition at theirs on 10th June.


15th May 2013. Looking forward to welcoming Radcliffe Sword Club Juniors next Tuesday evening for a relay team competition.


14th May 2013. Great 2 days at the Nottinghamshire County Show. We enjoyed meeting everyone who came and had a go at fencing on our stand. Look forward to seeing some of you at the Club soon!


7th May 2013. Matt comes 39th in U14 boys sabre, Ed comes 30th in U14 boys foil, James comes 48th in U12 boys foil. Ed knocked out by bronze medal winner and Ed and James get best East Midlands results in their competitions.


3rd May 2013. Best of luck to Matt, Ed and James at this weekend's British Youth Championships in Sheffield. It'll be tough, but it's a great experience.


28th April 2013 - Ed Howlett comes 5th at the U13 Boys Millfield LPJS. Strong field.


14th April 2013 - Ed Howlett wins bronze in the U13 Boys section at the LPJS Durham Foil; misses out on the final by a whisker on priority. #ouch


Fernwood fencers' performance in BYC Qualifiers reported in the Newark Advertiser :


19th March 2013 - Ed  Howlett makes L16 in the U13 LPJS Finchley Foil, despite a horrible cold. There was a very large and strong field; Ed was knocked out by the silver medallist.


9th March 2013  East Midland Region BYC qualifiers - Edmund Howlett wins Gold in U14 Boys Foil, Matthew Walton wins Bronze in U14 Boys Sabre, James Walton wins Bronze in U12 Boys Foil - all qualify for the finals in Sheffield

Fernwood Sword Club to have a stand again at this year's Newark and Nottinghamshire Show on 11th and 12th May


24th February 2013 - Edmund Howlett wins Bronze in the U13 Boys category at the LPJS Ashton Foil


February 2013 - FSC gets £3108 in funding from Nottinghamshire County Council as part of the Olympic Legacy Funding


Edmund Howlett wins the Under 14 Boys Foil and Ralph Reader Sullivan wins Bronze in the U14 Boys Sabre at the at the East Midland Youth Championships 2012